Book inspired merchandise can be really expensive. I’ll see a ring from a special series and they want me to pay fifteen dollars for a small loop of metal! As someone who has a tight budget, I could possibly get 2-3 books with that amount. But if you struggle from the high prices of swag you love then no fear! After many experiences of fast typing and search-button clicks, I learned amazing places to shop that have become some of my favorites today. These stores don’t only offer lower prices compared to other stores but their items cost almost nothing.


  1. Ebay

At first, shopping on Ebay made me skeptical. Usually I knew it as kind of a sketchy site and so I was a bit reluctant to hit ‘place order’… But oh my god that eventually saved me. Ebay products can be extremely inexpensive, with the plus of free shipping, and yet they can still bring satisfaction without having the competition of bidding.

Favorite Products:


HP Marauders Map Phone Case $5.99 (custom sizes)


Me: *first sight* 😵😵

Hunger Games Mockingjay Pin $1.90

s-l500 (1)

To my surprise, it is made of actual metal and it comes in necklace version (with different metallic colors) for only fifty cents extra ❤ 🤑

Shadowhunter Rune Necklace $0.99

s-l500 (2)

If I am correct, the charm has a flip cover attached to it 😏

HP Time Turner Necklace $0.99

s-l500 (3)

And my favorite of all, Hermoine’s time turner! Whenever I’m in a bookish environment, the necklace never goes without a compliment. It makes a great gift and it also spins!

Ebay is probably my #1 place to shop and there is so much more I wish I could share! But a screen flooded with pictures and a teeny scroll bar to go with it can piss me off 😂. So I put some links below if you would like to roam them as you please.

The Mortal Instruments: Isabelle Lightwood’s Ruby Necklace $1.02

Hermoine’s Wand $5.89 + Voldemort’s Wand $6.13 + more wands!

Game of Thrones Targaryen Necklace $0.75


2.  Amazon

Yes it’s big and fancy but never underestimate the things you can find there. Amazon is best known for their HP products, and if you have Prime, you can get your goodies in two days or less with no cost attached ;). Here are some awesome items you can find:


HP Multi-House Infinity Scarf $12.14


My favorite scarf of all time, and it works for any house!


HP House Touchscreen Gloves $9.95 – $12.95


And some touchscreen gloves to go along with it. They come in every house 😀


HP Heat Color Changing Mugs $14.99



And more…

HP Self-Stirring Mug (Espresso Patronum) $15.46

Soft Midi Sleeve Hogwarts Shirt (Women) $16.94

Hogwarts House and Crest Tee (Men) $13.99 – $16.98

HP Mug Set (Punny Pickup Quidditch Puns) $31.90